About Lynx

From test plan creation to execute test scripts,
Lynx can help you to create test cases according to you and run the tests at fixed time.
Using Lynx Service, you can don't worrying about test and focus on other tasks.

  • I want to start automation testing on my project, but I don't know what shoud I do.

  • I have tried to work on automated testing, but I can't continue.

  • My automated testing project manager has quitted.

  • Maintenance of automated test is hard.


  • Automate E2E UI testing from design to operation.

  • Also supports automate testing of mobile apps.

  • Immediate notification to email or chat when test succeeds / fails.

  • Lynx supports script maintenance.

Lynx Dashboard introduction


Elimination of personalization

Continue automated testing
even without supervisor

Script Maintenance

Maintenance all script
when specification changed

Follow the latest environment

Support the latest released versions
of OS and browser

Continuous testing

24/7 service for
continuous automated testing

Multi-model・browser compatible

multiple browsers・devices

Immediate Notification

Notify when an error is detected

Verify the test results
on the dashboard

Planning Processes

  • You just need to demonstrate clearly
    that“ purpose of automated testing”and “scope”and so on.
    Human Crest will take care of the rest.
    After the test design agreement with you,
    we will start automated testing.

Service Flow

    From test plan creation to execute test scripts,
    Human Crest will do all the processes of automated testing for you.
    You can check test results & reports on Dashboard
    and also get email/chat in realtime.



150,000JPY/ month~

  • Number of test cases:〜10
  • Number of executing : Unlimited
  • Up to 3 browsers
  • Script maintenance
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500,000JPY/ Month~

  • Number of test cases:〜100
  • Number of executing: Unlimited
  • Up to 3 browsers
  • Script maintenance
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  • Number of test cases:101〜
  • Number of executing: Unlimited
  • Up to 3 browsers
  • Script maintenance
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  • ※If the number of test cases exceeds the number specified in the plan, may incur an extra fee.
  • ※The contract period will be billed monthly for at least the first three months or more depend on the contract
  • ※You will be charged for the planning and construction period of the implementation process
  • ※The initial cost will be estimated base on plan chosen and number(s) of scenario needed.


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