About Lynx

Lynx is an automated regression testing service.
Regression testing is a type of testing to confirm that a part of the system is changed, it has not affected existing features.
Execute regression testing every change or update to detect defects early.
If we execute tests manually every issue, executing tests will become an obstacle and delay the release.
Automated regression testing can reduce work hour of manual test and avoid obstacles.
Also, to maintain continuous automated testing, you need to expense a lot of maintenance costs.
For example, change the UI frequently, network instability, inconsistency in the test execution environment and more.
Using Lynx, You can reduce testing costs and execute testing anytime, anywhere.


Continuous Testing

24/7 service for continuous automated testing

Monitoring & Control

Notify when an error is detected
Verify the test results on the dashboard

Script Maintenance

Maintenance all script when specification changed
Support the latest released versions

Multi-Model & Browser Compatible

Support multiple browsers and devices

Planning Processes

  • You just need to clearly demonstrate
    that "purpose of automated testing" and "scope" and so on.
    Human Crest will take care of the rest.
    After the test design agreement with you, we will start automated testing.

Service contents

  • We provide the entire process for automated regression testing.

Test design We will analyze the test object, then, design the automated test.
At the same time, we also design test data.
Test implementation Implement the automated test scripts.
Environment Also, we can build test environments such as browsers, smartphones, etc..
Operation Execute the tests daily. If there are any errors, we will perform a primary analysis and report any regression.
It can also be executed at any time.
Maintenance If UI changed, correct the script in a short time.
We will update the browser, OS, OSS, etc..

Dashboard introduction



150,000JPY/ month~

  • Number of test cases:〜10
  • Number of executing : Unlimited
  • Up to 3 browsers
  • Script maintenance
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500,000JPY/ Month~

  • Number of test cases:〜100
  • Number of executing: Unlimited
  • Up to 3 browsers
  • Script maintenance
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  • Number of test cases:101〜
  • Number of executing: Unlimited
  • Up to 3 browsers
  • Script maintenance
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  • ※If the number of test cases exceeds the number specified in the plan, may incur an extra fee.
  • ※The contract period will be billed monthly for at least the first three months or more depend on the contract
  • ※You will be charged for the planning and construction period of the implementation process
  • ※The initial cost will be estimated base on plan chosen and number(s) of scenario needed.


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